4851 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel:  604-873-3328


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Advice: No reservations, prepare to stand in a line-up during peak periods. There are a few different sauces on each table, use their Hoisin sauce with any of the subs. Their French Bread out of the oven is outstanding and usually sells out by the end of the day.

I have dined here on many occasions and have had a few different dishes on the menu, though I tend to order the same dishes on each visit.

Chicken Sub

Dark French Coffee

Most recently I had the #4 Chicken Sub ($3.75) fresh home-made French baguette with shredded chicken, vegetables and hot peppers and the #55 Dark French Coffee ($3.25) Vietnamese coffee (with no cream). The décor is bright pink inside the small restaurant and I am pretty sure it hasn’t changed since opening many years ago. The service has always been very friendly and a cup of hot tea is on the table by the time I have been seated. The other dish that I have had on many occasions is the Curry Chicken served with steamed rice for ($7.25). The menu is filled with noodle and rice dishes as well their French bread sandwiches.

Review By: Richard Wolak

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