1876 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-730-0321


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Advice: Sundays & Mondays go with your kids.

Selection of beer

This has been a favourite of mine for organic pizza in the city since they opened. A couple weeks ago my friend Jason joined me for dinner to try some of their new dishes, we both enjoyed some of the beers to accompany our dinner, of course our favourite beers were different and I’m sure your favourites would differ as well.

Fig & Goatscheese Salad

Fresh basil & blackberry Salad

Starting off our meal we shared the refreshing Fig & Goatscheese Salad ($9.25 regular) and the tasty Fresh basil & blackberry Salad ($8.25 regular).

Next up were the pizzas and we shared several, the pizzas here are handcrafted flatbread made in an Artisan Oven with lots of local and organic ingredients. The crust is thin and crisp, the toppings have so much flavour and you taste those vegetables.

Mexicali Pizza

Farmers Market Pizza

Ocean Wise Pizza

Flank Steak pizza

To start, was the tasty Farmers Market Pizza ($15.95) topped with three seasonal vegetables, three herb nut free pesto & caprigny goat’s cheese; then the Mexicali Pizza ($16.75) topped with Chocolate tomato chilli sauce, red onions, roasted peppers, marinated cherry tomatoes, jicama, corn, free range organic chicken, caprigny goat’s cheese, herbs and creme fraiche. Then the delicious Ocean Wise Pizza ($15.95) topped with in-house orange maple cured wild salmon, fresh shrimp, artichokes, red onion, nut free three herb pesto and asiago cheese; and finally the Flank Steak Pizza ($15.45) topped with organic tomato sauce, sprinkled with premium mozzarella.

Dessert Platter

We were both quite full, that didn’t stop us from trying some dessert so we shared their dessert platter which was made of up Chocolate Brownies, cheesecake and biscotti.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1876 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver


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