1097 Kingsway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-873-6338


Advice: Have a private room that holds 40, good idea to share some of the dishes.

Yin Yang

Lobster Hotpot

Stuffed Pink Scallop

Beef Tenderloin

This award winning restaurant has been on my list to check out for quite sometime, very happy that I finally trecked across town to visit. The server told me that I had to try the Yin Yang ($2.25) which I did, it was a hot beverage made of black tea and coffee and I suspect this popular HK style hot beverage is loaded with caffeine, with a little bit of sugar for sweetening it was a tasty hot drink. My friend and I began our meal here with award winning signature dish, the Lobster Hotpot ($18.80) in a very tasty sauce with ginger and green onion with taro noodles. The next award winning dish was the Stuffed Pink Scallop ($5) served on the half shell in a curry and cheese sauce. Since they serve both Cantonese style food along with Western Style I had to try one of the popular Western dishes and I enjoyed the huge Beef Tenderloin ($16.95) with black peppercorn sauce, broccoli and other vegetables.

Mung Bean & Sago Dessert Soup

They serve complementary dessert with all of their meals, these desserts change often, tonight we had a bowl of the hot Mung Bean & Sago Dessert Soup. The menu selection is vast, with 3 very different menus they offer a lot of different dishes and apparently all are popular with the varied mix of customers from lunch, thru late night. They were awarded Best Casual restaurant in the 2010 Chinese Restaurant Awards and I see why, come as you are and enjoy the homey atmosphere.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1097 Kingsway, Vancouver

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