163 Keefer Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-688-0876


Twitter: @baobei1

Advice: Good place to go with a friend so you can share dishes.  No reservations.

In this vibrant room, diners are treated not only to a very cool room, Bao Bei is inventive, unique and stylish, a modern Chinese Brasserie with a very hip look and feel. Located in the heart of Chinatown, they are one of the first restaurants to open in the area in years.

Sichuan Cucumbers


The menu is truly creative and not at all like the Chinese food I have been acustomed too. The menu features “Schmacks” which would be known as appetizers on other menus, “Petit Lats Chinois” are small plates, “Petits Cadeaux” are large plates, and Noodle Soups, Stir Fried Vegetables, sides and a few desserts. Since I was dining solo, I was only able to have two dishes and they were both delicious and flavourful.  I had the Sichuan Cucumbers ($4) braised and marinated to start and then the superb Mantou ($9) steamed buns with braised beef shortrib, hoisin, scallions, pickled cucumber, and roasted peanuts. The room is large and spacious with eclectic wall hangings including are really cool collection of comics adorning the wall behind the high top tables. I sat at the bar and had a great view of the bartender mixing cocktails, this was also a good vantage point into the kitchen and from the high top tables in the front towards the dining area in the back. The service was friendly and the servers were hip, good looking and fun. The drinks list is quite unique as well offering up beers, sake, cocktails and wines. I will be back soon with friends so that we can share more dishes and experience the great flavours.

Review by: Richard Wolak

163 Keefer Street, Vancouver

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