The BEST Hot Chocolate

Finding the best Hot Chocolate is all about comfort and bliss, there are places that serve Hot Chocolate, then there are places that create exceptional Hot Chocolate. This list is about the places that make exceptional Hot Chocolate:

Thomas Haas Hot Chocolate

Thomas Haas Hot Chocolate

#1 goes to Thomas Haas –the best Hot Chocolate in the city, truly a standout that TOPS the list 2539 W. Broadway in Vancouver and 128-998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver; my favourite is the Extra Dark Hot Chocolate.

#2 goes to Dulcinea Café 1118 Denman Stree –very good Hot Chocolate made with their Spanish chocolate.

#3 goes to Mink Chocolate Café 863 West Hastings Street – very good and served in nice cups.

#4 goes to Picnic at 3010 Granville Street– great hot chocolate –they have always had two types, both are good but the one to ask for is the French style which is similar to Angelina’s in Paris.

#5 goes to Wicked Café 1399 West 7th Ave and 861 Hornby Street.

By: Richard Wolak

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