The Bean by Lauren Mote

Lauren Mote is a Bartender at The Refinery in Vancouver. After Lauren challenged some of her industry friends to name an ingredient or two which would make a great cocktail that she could create using the 2 ingredients as a bases for the drink and then add other ingredients which would add mystery and flavour I succumbed to the challenge. I suggested that she use Espresso and Cocoa Nibs, she sourced the nibs and concocted her beverage naming it “The Bean”.

The Bean

The Bean


Homemade Coffee Liquor with JJ Bean and Continental Espresso Beans

Homemade Chocolate Vermouth with organic French cocoa nibs


Fresh Espresso


Pairing Notes:

Lauren suggests the Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Brulee from The Refinery as her dessert of choice to pair with this drink.

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