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Trevor Kallies Cocktails

Trevor Kallies is the Bar & Beverage Director for the Donnelly Group in Vancouver, he has been mixing drinks at The Granville Room for the past 6 years as well as beverage training all the bartenders at the Donnelly Pubs…

Celebrate the Games in Vancouver with Olympic Cocktails

As the 2010 Olympic Games approach, a few Vancouver restaurants and bars are getting into the Games-time spirit with their own Olympic-related beverage promotions. Here are some of the players, I had a chance to meet Bartender, “Jetside Johnny” at…

Bartender: Trevor Kallies

Trevor Kallies is the bartender at the Granville Room on Granville in downtown Vancouver. On August 17th he competed in the Whistler Brewing Mixologist Competition held at The Refinery. His featured drink was called “Citrusly Speaking”. Ingredients: 2 thick slice…

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