First Taste of Wild Flour Pizza Co.

It’s all about delicious Sourdough pizza at this recently opened spot in central Burnaby. Owned by Chef Steven Che and Clay Spalding, the duo is off and running.

In addition to pizza, the rest of the menu will feature various cold appetizers and salads and various house made dips, and sauces that pair well with the pizzas.

They have a few seats at this counter-serve eatery, though it’s mostly set-up for takeaway, or delivery.

Chef Steven Che has perfected the pizza dough that’s made with 7% rye to give it the perfect taste after baking.

I have visited and tried a couple pizzas as well as their dips, I loved both the Funghi Pizza with white sauce, mozzarella, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, rosemary and fresh thyme, lemon zest, grated asiago and the Truffle Mushroom Dip.

I also loved the Chorizo Pizza with red sauce, mozzarella, Spanish chorizo, Manchego, slow roasted potatoes, caramelized onions; along with their house-made Hot Honey Dip.

Wild Flour Pizza Co is located at 2900 Bainbridge Ave #104 in Burnaby, you can follow them on Instagram @wildflourpizzaco

By: Richard Wolak

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