4018 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604 428 2742


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Advice: Reservations suggested.

With it’s focus on Japanese cuisine, owner/chef Jin offers a large selection of Japanese specialties, from sushi to hot pot to oshi sushi to udon and more.

Snow Crab Sunomono

Queen Elizabeth Roll

King Edward Roll

I loved the Snow Crab Sunomono, so fresh, full of flavours and beauty; the Queen Elizabeth Roll with real snow crab, double prawn, avocado, tuna tataki, tobiko was my favourite of the two rolls that I tried. The other roll was the King Edward Roll real snow crab meat, avocado, red beet, ahi tuna, tobiko.

salmon, unagi, Hamachi oshi sushi

Ebi, Saba, and spicy tuna oshi sushi

The Oshi Sushi selection offers up 6 different types, it is also known as aburi, or flame torched. I tried all with my favourites being the Unagi, Salmon, Ebi and Saba. This plate features the salmon, unagi, Hamachi; and the other plate featues the Ebi, Saba, and spicy tuna.

Sushi Pizza

Taranabe Hot Pot

This was something that I had never had before, Sushi Pizza, this was the Original with Salmon and tuna on a base of deep fried rice, loved the texture and the creativity of this tasty dish. Another unique dish was the Taranabe Hot Pot with black cod, tofu and mushrooms in soup, so good and a great dish to share.

Shrimp’ Ish-Yaki Hot Stone Bowl

Beef Udon

Shrimp’ Ish-Yaki Hot Stone Bowl, so colourful when served to the table, you then mix it up as it cooks in the hot stone bowl, loved the crunch in this delicious rice dish.  Ended off the meal with their Beef Udon in a delicious shiitake Mushroom broth.

The menu offers up a vast selection of beautiful sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, along with starters, teriyaki and more along with sake, beer, wine and cocktails. This is a gem worth visiting for Chef Jin’s beautiful dishes and flavours!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5Y 2H5, Canada

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