First Taste of Honolulu Coffee

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With over 38 locations extending from Hawaii to Japan, Guam and China, Honolulu Coffee has just opened their first North American café in downtown Vancouver. As I understand several more locations will open in and around Vancouver over the next couple of years.

They are a farm to cup operation, have their own coffee plantations in Kona, they roast their own coffee beans, and then serve customers in their own cafes, they are vertically integrated and quality is important to them. They grow their own coffee on 80 acres in Kona then they roast their own coffee in Honolulu. Kona Coffee has a distinctive milk chocolate, and hazelnut flavour.



The drink menu consists of espresso-based drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and Gibraltars as well as a frozen line-up of Hawaiian Frost, there is also a pour over bar with a manual-brewing Chemex.

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Something unique on the menu are the Hawaiian lattes and the Hawaiian Frost both made with macadamia and coconut syrup. They also feature their own line of Fire Top tea with offerings that include Island Breakfast and Ka’iulani Rose to name a few. Additionally you will find sandwiches, baked goods, pastries and acai bowls.

Row Aczon, director of coffee

Row Aczon, director of coffee

Honolulu Coffee is located at 888 Nelson Street in Vancouver and is open daily. Follow them on twitter @HNLcoffeeVAN

By: Richard Wolak

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