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1513 West Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: 604 620 1262


Twitter: @boca2go

Advice: No reservations, limited seating.

As a fan of Latin American food, I love the different flavours and dishes from all of the South American countries, Boca offers up flavours from Chile, Peru and San Salvador.

Merken Spiced Chicken bocadillo & Quinoa Salad

Merken Spiced Chicken bocadillo & Quinoa Salad

They offer four versions of the bocadillo, a traditional Latino sandwich: two pork, one chicken, and one vegetarian option, each reflecting a different Latin American signature dish. A variety of salads and sides and tortilla soup are on offer as well. I had the delicious Merken Spiced Chicken bocadillo ($9) Chilean Braised Chicken with Red Chimichurri along with a Quinoa Salad ($5) with Quinoa, pinto beans, cucumber, sweet peppers, corn, Queso Fresco.

With a walk-up order counter and only a few window seats, this small eatery focuses on providing busy commuters with healthy on-the-go food. They have sourced locally produced ingredients including hormone and antibiotic-free meats from animals that are ethically and sustainably raised. Boca’s menu is inspired by the lively inventiveness of Latin American cuisine and uncompromisingly reflects its robust, deeply layered flavours.

If you are looking for a quick bite and some bold Latin flavours this is your new go to spot!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6J 5K9, Canada

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