Best Beef Burger & Fries in Vancouver

Over the past 8 weeks I have ate my way through 10 of the best burgers all over Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver to the places that either were faved by readers alike or were on my must visit list.

You can’t judge the burger on its own, most of the time you will find fries on the side of your burger, hence this quest was not only about finding the best and most delicious beef burger it was about finding the best fries and my results are based on this combination of the burger and fries. There are many aspects of what makes a great burger, starting with the bun (was it home baked or from another bakery), the type of cheese, the sauce, the toppings and most of all the meat!

My Best Beef Burger quest was for the best ‘Premium’ or ‘Upmarket’ burger that is over $10, and not from chain restaurants with over 4 locations.

Note: The prices indicated exclude tax.

In ranking order, here are the Best Beef Burgers & Fries in Vancouver.

1)    The Oakwood – FIRST PLACE

The Oakwood

The Burger

House ground AAA Shoulder, crispy buttermilk fried onions, alfalfa sprouts,  smoked cheddar cheese, secret sauce, texture and flavour of the bun, perfectly done meat juicy and flavourful,  pickles, and tomato.

Everything is home made from the brioche bun to the buttermilk fried onion, to the pickles, and smoked cheddar

My take: This was the most unbelievable burger I had on this quest and one that I would repeatedly order in a flash. Every single ingredient here is a standout from the juicy meat, to the freshly baked poppy brioche bun, to the amazing fries and the home made ketchup.

Cost: $16

The Oakwood

2741 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-558-1965


Twitter: @theOakwoodKits


2) Stackhouse Burger Bar– SECOND PLACE



Stackhouse Burger

6.5 oz local prime rib patty with pancetta, Portabellini, Guinness cheddar, chipotle aioli and butter lettuce served on a brioche bun with Russet potatoes fries and seasoned to perfection with fleur de sel.

My take: This is definitely the second best burger I had on this quest, Stackhouse specializes in burgers and this beef burger is one that stands out, the meat was perfectly cooked, the brioche buns are baked fresh, the portabellini and Guiness cheddar pack a punch that delivers a sensational taste.

Cost: $15

Stackhouse Burger Bar

1224 Granville Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-558-3499


Twitter: @StackhouseBB


3)       Romers Burger Bar – THIRD PLACE


Man’s Man Burger

All-natural Heritage Farms range-fed Angus beef, Thick-sliced applewood bacon, local creamery amber ale cheddar, onion strings, smoked alder salts, vine-ripened tomato, whole grain mustard. Added a side of the Fresh-Cut Fries with truffle oil and regianno.

You can ‘Pimp Your Burger’ by adding savouries, marvelous mustards, different types of cheeses and more.

My take: Another place that specializes in burgers and this Man’s Man beef burger is another one that stands out, the meat was perfectly cooked, the brioche buns are baked fresh, the onion strings and Amber ale cheddar along with the smoked alder salts made for a mouth-watering experience.

Cost: $11 burger and $7 fries

Romers Burger Bar

1873 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-732-9545


Twitter: @romersburger


4)    Refuel – FOURTH PLACE


The Burger

Ground chuck 28 day aged beef, smoked bacon, Stony Paradise farms Tomatoes, aged cheddar cheese, mayo, home made bun by their own bakery at Campagnolo. Hand cut fries blanched and fried.

My take: The beef is aged from 28-35 days and the flavour comes from the aging process, the burger is fried on the grill and the meat is juicy and delicious. The ingredients are superb and these sweet red tomatoes with the aged cheddar cheese pull it all together on their home-made bun.

Cost: $16


1944 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Phone: 604-288-7905 ‎


Twitter: @refuel_bar


5) Au Petit Chavignol – FIFTH PLACE

Au Petit Chavignol

Cheese Burger

Ground AAA beef chuck, toasted bun from Island City Bakery  with Leerdammer cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle, secret sauce, Dijon mustard, ketchup, homemade seasoning salt and frits.

My take: The meat was juicy and tender, but the combination of the Dutch Leerdammer cheese with the caramelized onions have made this burger. The Frites had a good crunch and very lightly salted.

Cost: $12 for burger, Add lettuce & Tomato +$1, Add caramelized onions+$1½

Au Petit Chavignol

845 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-255-4218


Twitter: @petitchavignol


6)    The District –SIXTH PLACE

The District

The No. 13 Burger

Tenderloin & Sirloin beef with tapenade & caramelized white onion mayo, cumin Gouda, secret sauces on a bun made by Fortuna bakery. Awesome fries with seasoning and a good tarragon tartar sauce on the side.

My take: this was a huge burger, the meat tasted good but fell apart too easily which made the burger difficult to eat.

Cost: $16

The District

13 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver

Tel: 778-338-4938


Twitter: @districtsocial


7)    Market by Jean-Georges – SEVENTH PLACE

Market by Jean-Georges

Truffle Burger

Two Angus beef burger patties topped with Brie cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, tasty pickles, truffle aioli on both sides of the bun, fries on the side with a light crunch, ketchup on the side.

My take: This was quite the heavenly rich burger with its 2 beef patties, brie cheese and truffle sauce, my only downside was that the fries could have been just that much better.

Cost: $18

Market by Jean-Georges

1115 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-695-1115


Twitter: @MARKETjg_Van


8)    The Teahouse – EIGHTH PLACE  

The Teahouse

Chefs Burger

Canadian Angus beef, aged applewood cheddar, bacon, balsamic braised portabelini, lettuce, tomato, Dijon remoulade, big kaiser bun made by Terra breads, with fries.

My take: The meat was perfectly done, moist and delicious, the balsamic braised portabellini and the aged applewood cheddar was a wonderful combination and the big Kaiser bun just added to the great burger. The fries were disappointing, they were thin and too salty for my liking.

Cost: $16

The Teahouse

Ferguson Point, Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604-669-3281


Twitter: @The_Teahouse


9)    Beachside Forno – NINTH PLACE

Beachside Forno


House-Made Wagyu Beef Burger, caramelized onions, pancetta, white cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes on a house-made milk bun and house-cut fries and ketchup on the side.

My take: The type of beef used while being top notch wasn’t moist and flavourful like the others relying on the caramelized onions and cheddar to lift it to the next level.

Cost: $16

Beachside Forno

1362 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Tel: 604-926-3332


Twitter: @Beachside_Forno


10) Gerard Lounge — TENTH PLACE


Beef Sirloin Burger

Canadian Angus beef, white cheddar, bacon, mushrooms, Portuguese bun, horseradish aioli & red pepper relish

My take: Although huge in appearance that didn’t make up for the overall taste of the burger. The meat was a little too dry, and the bun would have been so much better had it been a Kaiser or Brioche.

Cost: $17

Gerard Lounge

845 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604.682.5511



Note: I know there are more restaurants around the Vancouver area that have Burgers & Fries and I was unable to get to all of them on this quest.

Which Beef Burgers & Fries are your favourite from a restaurant around Vancouver or in the suburbs?

Feel free to add your comment here and name the place and their location, the cost of each excluding tax and why you think they are the best!

By: Richard Wolak


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