Feast of Fields at Krause Berry Farm

Lolita's Ceviche Habanero

Yesterday I tasted my way through Feast of Fields out in Langley at Krause Berry Farm,  organized by Vancouver’s FarmFolk/CityFolk. It was a beautiful day of fun, food, and drink in the hot sunshine, here are some photos from the day of festivity and libations.

The owners of Meat & Bread


Mark Simpson - Brewmaster of Dockside Brewing


John Jandera making pizzas in the Terra Breads drum oven


Chef Sean Cousins of The Vancouver Club serving their Duck Confit Pizza


The long line-up at Go Fish


Summerhill Wine in a box


Chefs of Beachside Forno


Chef Todd Bright of Wild Rice making Chinese Bbq Duck Confit


Manager of Aphrodite's with their Baked Beet Crisps


Chef Adrian Beaty of Seasonal 56 making his Duck Club sandwiches


Federico's Supper Club and their Risotto ai Funghi


Lee Murphy (l) of Vista D'oro Farms making Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches


Isabelle Ranger of Namasthe Tea Company serving Ice Tea


The Vancouver Club and their Ginger Snap Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches


Wendy Boys of Cocolico and her Caramel Apple Tarts


Chef Chris Whittaker of O'Doul's Restaurant with his Golden Ears Cheeseworks Nuefchatel Cheesecake


Musical Entertainment at Krause Berry Farm

Over 800 tickets were sold to this sold out event at one of the most beautiful farms just outside of Vancouver.

My Feast of Fields favourites were:  Meat & Bread’s Pemberton Meadows Beef Chuck Roll Sandwich; The Vancouver Club’s Duck Confit Pizza; EBO Restaurant’s Roasted BC Salmon Sliders; Lolita’s Ceviche Habanero; Wild Rice Restaurant’s Chinese Bbq Duck Confit; Seasonal 56 Restaurant’s Duck Club; Terra Breads Wood Fired Pizzas; O’Douls Restaurant’s Golden Ears Cheeseworks Nuefchatel Cheesecake; Cocolico’s Caramel Apple Tarts; and The Vancouver Club’s Ginger Snap Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

This was my second visit to Feast of Fields, my first visit was Feast of Fields at UBC Farm in 2009.

By: Richard Wolak

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