A Quest for the Best Onion Rings in Vancouver

I am sure that you can find Onion Rings on many restaurant menus around the city. Onion Rings is a favourite comfort food for many. My quest was to find the most unique and tasty Onion Rings. In ranking order, these are my favourites from the Onion Rings that I have eaten in the city.

1)      GLOWBAL GRILL – 1079 Mainland Street, Vancouver

After eating the Glowbal Onion Rings ($6) panko breaded and so delicious, I declared these the best onion rings in my quest.


2)     PIVO PUBLIC HOUSE – 526 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Huge Onion Rings ($5) thick cut onion rings, coated with a crispy buttermilk batter served with paprika aioli or mustard on the side.


3) MAPLE GRILL – 1967 West Broadway, Vancouver

Thick cut and crispy Onion Rings ($5 for an order or for $1.50 when substituting fries with your entree), golden brown and tasty with some crunch. Served with a side of ketchup.


4) SPLITZ GRILL – 4242 Main Street, Vancouver

Crispy Onion Rings ($3.99) smooth battered, lightly salted and tasty.


By: Richard Wolak

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