1133 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-688-7466


Advice: Make an advance reservation, if you have a large party then ask to be seated in the wine room.

“Brasato al Barolo” braised beef short ribs

“Brasato al Barolo” braised beef short ribs

This is one of my long time favourite restaurants that I visit as often as I am able too, it is one that my family has taken cousins or friends who have visited Vancouver. One of the reasons this restaurant is so successful is due to the Chef/Owner Pino Posteraro who is well trained in Italian cooking and is so passionate in taking care of his customers. I have many favorite dishes and here are some of them, Linguine with half lobster ($35) tomato cream lobster sauce, “Brasato al Barolo” braised beef short ribs ($30) in red wine with seasonal vegetables, Queen Charlotte Island Halibut Fillet ($40) roasted garlic-Sicilian capers sauce, Venetian style lemon risotto ($32) roasted spot prawns and 25 years old Balsamico. In addition to the regular menu there are always several appetizer and main specials, the dessert menu is always tempting and the dessert specials are always stellar, I am often full by the end of the meal but end up having dessert too. The service is the very best and many of the waiters have been here since the restaurant opened over 10 years ago.

Queen Charlotte Island Halibut Fillet

Queen Charlotte Island Halibut Fillet

He has one of the largest wine lists in the city and quite the cellar, the menu is full of stellar choices of the best wines around.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1133 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC

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