Vancouver Foodster Launched

Food and drink aficionados can now welcome a new online guide to the Vancouver area featuring restaurant reviews, interviews, stories and more.

The site was created by Richard Wolak. He launched because, for years, his friends have treated him like their own personal food critic! He’s constantly being asked for restaurant suggestions. Well, one thing lead to another and was born.

For visitors to Vancouver who are coming on business or on vacation or here to be a part of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver Foodster offers up indepth reviews on our areas best fine dining and casual restaurants, and more.

You can search the restaurants by tags of categories such as organic, solo diners, foodies, take out and many more. Each review lists advice which is valuable to anyone visiting the restaurant of choice. Most of the reviews are done anonymously, by Richard and others as they visit their restaurants of choice.

Social Media plays an important role within our site, at the bottom of each page is a social media toolbar you can click on the Twitter tab and post a note directly into our Twitter feed and also read the latest Twitter postings. You can click on the Fan Page tab and be taken to our Facebook fan page click on F Community tab and join others as they discuss restaurants, food and more. Click on the Share tab and share one of our reviews or stories with your friends, or click on Recent or Random posts for some latest reading, you may event want to click on Translate and send your friend a translation of the story you are reading in any of 20 languages.

Food and passion is an adventure and eating out is like theater. The experience that you judge a restaurant is on the food, décor, service and so on.

Bookmark and come back often and see the latest reviews, spread the word and tell your friends, family, and visitors to visit us as well.

If there is a restaurant in the greater Vancouver area that you think should be reviewed for our readers then shoot us an email to

Happy Eating,

Richard Wolak


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