Minus Cake Boutique

3615 Kingsway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-779-3615 

Web: https://www.minuscake.com/

Instagram @minusboutique18

Advice: Walk-ins welcome, for cake roll orders place those in advance.

Here at this café it’s all about the Minus Cup. Owner and Pastry Chef Sweki set out to create something special and patented the Minus Cup both here in Canada as well as in China. It’s a clever idea which features their best-selling combo; they make up delicious and creative mini cakes which are served in the top part of the Minus Cups and you can get your choice of drink (bubble tea’s and milky teas) topped off with your favourite cake. The cake cups connect to the cups in a very simple way; I tasted several of them and although I have favourites as there are some flavours I like more than others; I thought there were all very good.

The Mango cake comes with a fresh Mango drink made with coconut milk, mango juice and sago. The rich Tiramisu cake comes with a drink made with regular milk, honeycomb, and coffee foam.

The Matcha Yuzu cake comes with a matcha cereal milk drink; and the Pandan cake, I had this one paired with the Lychee drink and it was so good.

They also make a selection of cake rolls in-house and I loved the Matcha Green Tea Crispy Roll that was filled with matcha cream, and covered with a matcha white chocolate.

Sweki’s backgound includes both graphic design as well as studying to become a pastry chef and these things meld so well at her cute cafe. There are many different varieties of cakes and drinks to try, combo it up as that is the way to go here.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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