Coffee Cupping at 1914 Coffee in Squamish

Mike Chapman

I recently took part in a Coffee cupping (coffee tasting) with Mike Chapman who owns this café in the heart of Squamish. He was a rock climber before he took an interest in coffee of which is an expert in his field. He sources coffee from all over the world and carries some of the best roasters beans to offer to his customers.

Coffee Cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice but can be done informally by anyone or by professionals known as “Q Graders”.

I learned about 1914 Coffee via way of my friends who run Proud Mary Coffee in Portland, Or, first asking where Proud Mary coffee was available in Canada. Nolan Hirte, the founder of Proud Mary Cafe of Melbourne, Australia as well as Portland, Or met Mike while visiting the area a few years ago as did Calum Kidd also of Proud Mary coffee.

I then connected with Mike and arranged to visit, after 2 hours talking with him and discovering how passionate he was about coffee, I had a chance to try some incredible coffees.

Mike adjusts the coffee grinder

Mike got his start working for a local roaster and café, Britannia Beach’s Galileo Coffee Company, he then had the knowledge to start his own coffee business which was about 3-1/2 years ago.

Lawrence and Mike

Richard Wolak

Lawrence and I smelled and then tasted each of the coffees and we had a chance to try some incredible, award winning coffees from Proud Mary as well as Transcend and others.

Proud Mary Brazil #5

One of award winners was the Proud Mary coffee Brasil #5 and incredible taste, this coffee was acually imported from Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne, Australia as that is where their headquarters are located and it’s easier to import coffee direct from their than from the USA.

Proud Mary Brazil #1

Another beauty was the Proud Mary coffee Bom Jardim #1 cup of excellence 2017 Pulped Natural from Brazil 🇧🇷 sourced and roasted by the legends at Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne $100/100g $25/Cup.


Also enjoyed the coffees from Transcend and others.

1914 Coffee is located at 38123 2nd Avenue in Squamish, BC. Follow them on Instagram @1914coffeecompany

By: Richard Wolak

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