First Taste of Nana’s Green Tea

Established around 10 years ago in Japan, and founded by Kazuto Kutami. Inspired by the Starbucks concept, Kazuto set out to create a Matcha oriented experience and created Nana’s Green Tea, a café that realizes the new Japanese style which fits into modern-day lifestyle. With over 80 locations in Asia and 16 more around the world, this Vancouver café in Kerrisdale is the first North American location.

Their matcha tea leaves are sourced solely from Uji, Kyoto, one of the most famous tea producing areas of Japan. You will find a selection of Matcha based beverages, desserts as well as a varied selection of food offerings.

Matcha Shiratama Parfait

I tried a selection of food, drinks and desserts, my favourite of everything I had was the Matcha Shiratama Parfait which is best enjoyed on your own. From bottom to top is a matcha pudding, vanilla soft serve, corn flakes, red bean paste, mochi balls, matcha ice cream and matcha syrup, and it was WOW.

Hoji-cha Shiratama float, Matcha Chocolate latte and the Azuki Strawberry latte

From left to right, is the Hoji-cha Shiratama float, Matcha Chocolate latte and the Azuki Strawberry latte, I liked each of these beverages and each was so different.

Fresh tuna with curry tartar sauce Donburi

Fresh tuna with curry tartar sauce Donburi, served with a delicious miso soup.

Matcha gateau chocolate

Matcha Gateau Chocolate this cake was dense in texture, really like the flavours of the matcha and chocolate.

Matcha Roll Cake

Matcha Roll Cake, this cake looked beautiful, it had a very intense matcha taste which wasn’t for my liking.

Nana’s Green Tea is located at 2135 West 41st Ave in Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram @nanasgreenteacanada

By: Richard Wolak

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