5900 University Blvd, Vancouver

Tel: n/a


Instagram: @nori_ubc

Advice: Counter service. Closed Saturdays.

Curry Beef Udon

Laksa with seafood

Located on the campus of the University of British Columbia is a fast casual spot featuring Japanese focused dishes, it is a very well organized set-up and features daily house-made udon noodles. I have visited a few times since they opened late this past summer, loved the Curry Beef Udon along with the Laksa with seafood which was full of flavour.

tempura, karaage and korroke

Kake udon

Zaru cold udon

They have a tempura, karaage and korroke bar where you can purchase each item as an additional accompaniment for the udon and soups which makes it easy and quick. I had some of the Assorted Tempura and Chicken Karagee to go with my soups also enjoyed the Kake udon and the Zaru cold udon.

They also offer sushi and bento boxes and that’s what I am going to try on my next visit.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada

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