Wishing Treats


A one of kind candy store is now open in Gastown. Wishing Treats Caramel Studio is where expert caramel artisans turn giant warm sticks of supple candy, into bite-sized hard rock treats complete with intricate messages, logos and icons running through them.

Something to note that I learned was that their definition of the word “caramel”  n their shop as well as in North America is a little different to some countries, where the word caramel doesn’t just mean squishy, caramel-coloured toffee-type candy. In many parts of South America and Europe, what some might call hard candy or “rock” is called “caramelo”. They wanted to bring their vision of caramelo to you their customers.

Quite the experience watching Wes Raley, the candy maker who has worked his craft for over 11 years. Making candy within minutes starting off with a boiling pot of melted sugar to stretching the all natural caramels to cutting the candy and voila, Banana flavoured candies with a banana shape on the inside. He makes all sorts of candies daily for sale in the shop.

Wishing Treats is located at 49 West Hastings in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver. Follow them on twitter @WishingTreats

By: Richard Wolak

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