4125 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-879-6052


Twitter: @mainstreethoney

Advice: Order at the counter.

The Honey Breve Stinger

The Honey Breve Stinger

Honeybee Honey Cake

Honeybee Honey Cake

It’s a honey shoppe and it’s a café which features a variety of house-baked goods that are made with their own local honey. There is a full line-up of espresso beverages which also features several of their honeys. One of the delicious beverages that I have tried is The Honey Breve Stinger made with local buckwheat honey and locally roasted Republica coffee. Their Honeybee Honey Cake is a wonderful treat on it’s own made with their honey.

You’ll find shelves and shelves filled with many varieties of honey, infused honey spreads, as well a large selection of accessories. On the café bar side you will find several different types of baked goods and desserts where honey plays a starring role.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5V 3P6, Canada

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