5 Lonsdale, North Vancouver

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Twitter: @AnatoliSouvlaki

Advice: Take a long a friend or two and share a variety of dishes.

I decided to create a couple of Greek Nights for my own personal indulgence recently and to visit a couple of long time restaurants who have been around for years. This was my first visit to Anatoli, a wonderful family run restaurant that has been serving fine Greek cuisine for over 30 years.

Dip Tasters

Greek Salad

I began the meal with the delicious Dip Tasters ($9) home-made pita, and a selection of dips the homous, eggplant and tzatziki; followed by a wonderful Greek Salad ($8) fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, feta & olives.






Next was the outstanding Spanakopita ($9) Spinach, feta, herbs wrapped in filo & baked with mint – yum! This was followed by another outstanding dish, Garithes ($14) prawns and vegetables in white wine with tomato, feta and ouzo sauce.  The next dish was a known favourite that I had to try, a specialty in Greece, the rich and delicious Saganaki ($11) Pan fried mountain sheep cheese done with a touch of brandy. Next was to try the first of two lamb dishes, the Paidakia ($31) juicy flame grilled lamb chops followed by the Kleftiko ($23) another lamb dish, Shoulder of lamb braised until it melts off the bone and it was delicious.

Dessert Platter

Who could resist finishing the meal with some Greek sweets, I enjoyed all three as I savoured my way through the Veriko, Baklava and Ekmek.

The restaurant is quite large with seating throughout and very hospitable staff. Don’t take as long to visit for your first time as I did, I am looking forward to a return visit soon!

Review by: Richard Wolak

North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E4, Canada

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