The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 7

In this week’s episode I start off with the Vancouver Iced Summer Drink Challenge that features Delany’s Coffee House, Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee, and Whisk Matcha Café.

I then feature the Dine Outside Festival including both Forage and Beside Forage and their Picnics To Go packs.

I talk about a new bakery on Main Street, Jasmine Lebanese Bakery.

Next, I feature some of the new Plantbased dishes at Chi Vegan in Kitsilano.

Lastly, I feature a Daytrip to Whistler which featured Ed’s Bred; and then Pemberton which featured North Arm Farm, Mt Currie Coffee Co. and the Pemberton Farmers Market including Four Beat Farm, Helmers Organic Farm, and Nidhi’s Cuisine; then Mt Currie featuring Barn Nork Thai Cuisine; and Squamish featuring Alice & Brohm Ice Cream along with the 2020 Honda CRV.