The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 29

In this week’s episode, I talk about the National Chowder Chowdown Festival and some of the chowders, featuring 1931 Gallery Bistro, Little Mexico Cantina and Showcase Restaurant.

I will talk about the Vancouver Fried Chicken Sandwich Challenge featuring ChiMec Fried Chicken & Burger, Free Bird Table & Bar, Tokyo Katsu-sand Foodtruck, Veg Out Foodtruck and Win Win Chick-N.

I will talk about some Bakeries and Cafes Opening Soon in and around Vancouver.

I will talk about the Tri Cities Dine Out.

I will do a feature on Bisou Bakehouse in North Vancouver.

I will do a feature on Little Mexico Cantina in Steveston.

I will feature my Interview with Lalit Sharma who owns Mumbai Masala, Bombay Kitchen and Bar, and Bombay Masala restaurant with his brothers.