The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 22

In this special edition episode I am devoting it to all things coffee; from my annual coffee drink challenge that I run every January, to the newest cafes that have opened in the past year, to the newest coffee trucks on the street, and more.

I have featured Whitewood Coffee, Gowan Café, United Strangers Coffee, Jack & The Bean Coffee truck, Barrio Coffee, Cardero Cafe, Coastal Eden Café, Twins Coffee, Café Hashtag and Pinkavo Café.

I have also featured Café Portrait, Fife Bakery, Winston Coffee, Harken Coffee, Nemesis Coffee, Palate Kitchen, House of Funk Roasting, Enroute Coffee, Coho Coffee, and Whisk Matcha Café.

Lastly, I have featured some industry friends who supply coffee and coffee equipment to cafes featuring ECM- Espresso Coffee Machines, Espressotec, Stealth Coffee Systems and EVS Canada.