The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 14

In this week’s episode I start off with a new restaurant feature on Vonn’s in the Westend.

I then do a desserts feature on Trafiq on Main.

I do a Cookbook review on Old World Italian by Mimi Thorisson.

I then do a new restaurant feature on Pur&Simple in Mount Pleasant.

Next is a restaurant spotlight on Bodega on Main.

I then do a feature on the new Japanese Wraps and other dishes at Super Hiro’s Restaurant in Kitsilano.

I feature my Interview with Shauna MacNeil, co-owner of Trafiq on Main.

Lastly, I do a spotlight on Fried Chicken in the Westend, featuring Chicken World, Michi Craft Kitchen, The Roost, Disco Cheetah, ChiMec Fried Chicken, J & G Fried Chicken and Zabu Chicken.