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104-1184 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 563-2468

Web: n/a

Twitter: @BaoguetteBistro

Advice: No reservations, order with the server at the table.

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Located in English Bay, you’ll find a taste of Vietnam and an extensive menu of traditional salad rolls, Pho (noodle soups), Banh Mi (Baguette Sandwiches), rice dishes, as well as their hot and cold Vietnamese Coffee, slushies and fresh smoothies.

Lemongrass Chicken on rice

Lemongrass Chicken on rice

Vietnamese French Iced Coffee

Vietnamese French Iced Coffee

I had the delicious Lemongrass Chicken on rice ($8.75) served with salad and spring roll along with a Vietnamese French Iced Coffee ($3.50) it was nice and cold, and served in a glass jar. I am looking forward to trying their Mango Salad, and one of their Pho on a return visit.

Review by: Richard Wolak


cafe phin 1

976 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-620-5595


Twitter: @cafephin

Advice: The lunch specials are great value.

Lemongrass Chicken Pho

Lemongrass Chicken Pho

Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi

Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi

The flavours of Vietnam are well represented here at this bright café on bustling Denman. I have dined on a few occasions having enjoyed the Lemongrass Chicken Pho in a delicious clear broth served with bean sprouts and fresh basil on the side as well as the Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi lunch special that came with a couple of delicious Spring Rolls and their beautifully presented Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Condensed Milk.

The menu is filled with a selection of salad rolls, Pho (noodle soups), Banh Mi (Baguette Sandwiches), as well as their Vietnamese Coffee and fresh smoothies. A perfect spot to enjoy some delicious comforting food.

Review by: Richard Wolak


1046 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel:  (604) 559-5938


Twitter: tba

Advice: Have a friend or two join you and share the dishes.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vegetarian Spring Roll

Papaya Salad

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Sizzling Chicken and Vegetables in Thai coconut curry

With a mix of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, the dishes on the menu are diverse and the dishes are full of flavours of this region. Owned by Victoria and Michael (she is the previous owner of Mekong on the Drive) they have put together a traditional array of dishes with healthy eating in mind. I had a refreshing Vietnamese Iced Coffee, followed by a crispy vegetarian Spring Roll to start. I then had the outstanding Papaya Salad with prawns topped with peanuts  followed by the delicious creamy Pumpkin Coconut Soup with peanut, a specialty of Victoria`s which is going to have you trekking across town on a cool wet day. The Sizzling Chicken and Vegetables in Thai coconut curry is another specialty and it was superb.

There are many dishes that appeal on this menu such as their Vietnamese Noodle Soups (pho) as well as noodle bowls and sizzling plates. The Lychee Gelato is a great refreshing option for dessert.

Review by: Richard Wolak


5052 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604.568.9508


Twitter: @chowatCHAU

Advice: Go light on the tableside satay sauce if you are not a fan of spice.

Coconut Shake

Night Market Stroll

Rickety Rickshaw Ride

Located off the beaten track, yet in the middle of the city is an oasis of veggie delight and dishes full of wonderful flavours. I was so happy to finally visit Chau, it took me 8 months to visit for the first time and then a few days to visit again. There is a large communal table which is perfect when dining solo or with a friend. On the first visit I had the delicious Night Market Stroll ($7) Papaya salad, shredded apple, carrots, herbs, peanuts, tofu, with a lemongrass citrus dressing along with a Coconut Shake($4) Fresh coconut, coconut water and crème and on the next visit I had the outstanding Rickety Rickshaw Ride ($8.25)  Mungbean spring rolls, shredded bean curd, peanuts, crispy shallots, pickled vegetables, greens, herbs and rice vermicelli.which is my friend Alejandro’s favourite dish so we both had the same dish on this visit.

The dishes are creative, inventive and all veggie, served in big bowls with condiments such as their spicy home-made satay sauce which you can add at your discretion. You will also find beer, wine and some desserts to put the finishing touch on your meal.

Review By: Richard Wolak


1242 Kingsway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-872-3828


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Take friends and share some traditional dishes.

Located in the heart of Little Saigon, is a hidden gem that has been serving neighborhood regulars for over 7 years. I have tried several dishes over the past couple of visits which has taken my tastebuds on a journey through Vietnam.

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Pho #5

On one of the visits I had the popular Garlic Butter Chicken Wings ($9.95) and one the next visit I had several dishes including their outstanding Pho #5 ($6.75 for small) Rare Beef and Beef Brisket with rice noodle soup.

Lotus Salad

Pan-Fried Shrimp Cake

Vietnamese Crepe

I shared the a small Lotus salad ($8.95) mixed with herbs and house dressing, topped with shrimp and pork, served with fish sauce; along with the delicious Pan-Fried Shrimp Cake ($9.95 reg size); as well as the Vietnamese Crepe ($9.95) a crispy pancake which is infused with coconut milk and traditional spices fried with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts.

Tamarind Crab

The highlight of both visits was their house specialty Tamarind Crab with a delicious sauce that covered the shelled crab, this is one dish that you must try.

Avocado Shake

I then had the deliciously filling Avocado Shake ($4) to finish my meal which is fitting for dessert but could also be a beverage to go with a meal. The menu has a vast selection of Vietnamese specialty beverages including their French style coffee and juices. You will also find many different versions of their Pho, salad rools, congee, hot pot and more.

Review By: Richard Wolak


244 E Georgia Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 682-5777

Web: n/a

Twitter: n/a

Advice: The line-up is worth the long wait, take along a book to read while you wait.

I am probably the last person in the city to dine at this long standing eatery in Chinatown, at least I can say that I have had the pleasure to eat their popular and delicious Garlic Fried Squid on a few occasions at catered events. Last Sunday while walking around Gastown and Chinatown I happened upon the restaurant and with a minimal wait was seated at the sharing table. I knew what I should order based on what almost every chef in town had told me, so I decided not to order those two dishes which were the Garlic Fried Squid and their Chicken Wings. The restaurant was packed even at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, after looking at the menu in detail which was almost fully segregated into Cambodian Favourites and Vietnamese Favourites, I decided to choose one selection from each.

Spicy Garlic Prawns

Trieu Chau Special Vegetable Bun

I had a half order of the outstanding Spicy Garlic Prawns ($8.50) and the Trieu Chau Special Vegetable Buns  ($7.95) along with a complementary glass of hot tea. There is a reason as to why this restaurant has been serving customers for so many years and to where there is a constant line-up. Looking forward to my next visit to try more dishes.

Review By: Richard Wolak



520 Robson Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-569-3340

Web: n/a

Twitter: n/a

Advice: Counter service, limited seating, complimentary hoisin, sweet chilli and other sauces.

Chicken Vietnamese Sub

This Vietnamese hot spot often has a long line out the door of this tiny popular restaurant, I have been in a couple of times recently and on each visit I had the delicious Chicken Vietnamese Sub ($3.75) with French Bread that was filled with shredded chicken and vegetables, added some of the complimentary hoisin sauce for a great tasting sub. I was served a complimentary cup of hot tea which perfect and a great deal with the sandwich. They also have a good selection of salad rolls, noodle soups, sandwiches, and rice dishes, and next time I must try the B4 Meatball Sub!

Review by: Richard Wolak


620 Davie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-7980

Web:  n/a

Advice: I just wished they had containers of hoisin sauce on the table for customers to add to their sandwiches or other dishes as they wished, that would have been welcomed. No reservations as the place quite small.

Chicken Banh mi

Love the communal table that takes up most of the dining area of this beautiful wood paneled room. Here it is all about Vietnamese comfort food that is very, very reasonable in price. On the most recent visit I specifically came in for the Chicken Banh mi ($4.50) –grilled chicken, lemongrass, garlic and vegetables on a baguette which was all I needed for my late lunch, I was served a complimentary cup of hot tea which perfect with the sandwich. They also have a good selection of salad rolls, pho, sandwiches, and salads, and next time I must try the Jack Fruit Salad.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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