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My Favourite Pizza Pies in Vancouver

It is no secret that pizza is one of my favourite foods, there are many pizzerias that I like around the city. Here is my list of my favourite Pizzas around the city.

Note: These are not in any ranking order.

Salsiccia e Rapini Pizza

Salsiccia e Rapini Pizza

Salsiccia e Rapini Pizza with fior de latte, Italian sausage and broccoli rabe.


Filetto Pizza

Filetto Pizza

Filetto Pizza San Marzano tomato fillets, fior di latte, garlic, basil

Via Tevere Pizzeria

1190 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Tel:   (604) 336-1803

Twitter:   @ViaTeverePizza





Goldmember Pizza with caramelized onions, mushroom, Yukon gold potatoes, truffle oil, gruyere & mozzarella

The Parlour Restaurant

1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Tel:   604-568-3322

Twitter:   @ParlourYaletown



Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita pomodoro, grana padano, fior di latte, basil

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

62 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

Tel:   604-669-6985

Twitter:  @NicliPizzeria



Taste of Spring Pizza

Taste of Spring Pizza

My own Taste of Spring Pizza creation white sauce, with kale, caramelized onions, fior Di latte and pistachios for the crunch factor! So delicious! It’s not on their menu but you can ask them to make it.


Hawaiian Maple

Hawaiian Maple Pizza

Created my own pizza, the Hawaiian Maple with white sauce, fior di latte, sage, pancetta, macadamia nuts & noble maple syrup! It’s not on their menu but you can ask them to make it.

Pizza Carano

4241 Fraser St, Vancouver

Tel: 604-877-1270

Twitter: @PizzaCarano



SPUD Pizza

SPUD Pizza

SPUD Pizza with sliced potatoes, oven roasted rosemary, fresh garlic, grana padano, red onion, cauliflower purée

Pizza Fabrika

1680 Robson Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604.559.1680

Twitter: @PizzaFabrika_CA



Filetti Pizza

Filetti Pizza

Filetti Pizza with bocconcini, aged mozzarella, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh garlic, sea salt, grana padano, extra virgin olive oil

Pizza Barbarella

654 East Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: 604-210-6111

Twitter: @PizzaBarbarella



The Burratta Pizza

The Burratta Pizza

The Burratta Pizza  topped with smoked pancetta, mozzarella, Burratta, and basil

Novo Pizzeria

2118 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Tel:    (604) 736-2220

Twitter:   @NOVOPizzeria


Margherita Formula One

Margherita Formula One Tomato, campagnia, DOP buffala mozzarella, basil


Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza a pizza dough baked and smothered with a rich chocolate cream topped with strawberries

The Bibo

1835 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-6177

Twitter: @TheBiBo



The Catalan Pizza

The Catalan Pizza

The Catalan Pizza topped with roasted gala apples, spiced raisins, toasted pine nuts, sautéed spinach, roasted peppers, shaved grana padana and a romesco sauce

Famoso Pizzeria

1380 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604-251-2292

Twitter: @FamosoPizzeria



Pesto & Ricotta Pizza

Pesto & Ricotta Pizza

Pesto & Ricotta Pizza with basil pesto, fresh ricotta, pine nuts, grana padano, Bianco

Bufala Pizzeria

5395 West Boulevard, Vancouver

Tel: 604-267-7499

Twitter: @bufalayvr



Apple Chicken Pizza

Apple Chicken Pizza

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

1876 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver


4186 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel:   604-730-0321 (1st) & 604-566-9779 (Main)

Twitter:  @Flatbreadco


Pancetta, Grape and Rosemary Pizza

Pancetta, Grape and Rosemary with Mozzarella Pizza on a Garlic Olive Oil Crust is delish

Lombardo’s Pizzeria

1641 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 251-2240

Twitter:  @LombardosPizza


Pizza di Spagna

 Pizza di Spagna with Two Rivers Meats Chorizo & Barnston Herbs arugula

Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

6011 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Tel:  604-299-8002

Twitter:  @CottoEnoteca



Bianca Pizza

Bianca Pizza

Bianca Pizza topped with cauliflower, crispy provolone, and pickled onions

Campagnolo Roma

2297 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-569-0456

Twitter: @CampRoma



Funghi Pizza

Funghi Pizza

Funghi Pizza topped with big cloves of garlic, arugula, mozzarella and mushrooms

Pizzeria Farina

915 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-681-9334

Twitter: @pizzeriafarina


Potato Mash Pizza

Potato Mash Pizza

Potato Mash Pizza topped with russet potato mash, béchamel, mascarpone, red onion, braised kale and roasted garlic

Don’t Argue Pizzeria

3240 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-876-5400

Twitter: not yet

Web: not yet

Spicy Lamb Sausage Pizza

Spicy Lamb Sausage Pizza topped with caramelized onion, goat cheese and mint pesto on a wholewheat rosemary and honey crust.

Corduroy Restaurant

1943 Cornwall Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-733-0162

Twitter: @Corduroylounge


By: Richard Wolak



1701 Powell Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-3877


Twitter: @eatatperch

Advice: Play Bengo on Thursday nights, it’s like Bingo but named after Ben so it’s Bengo.

Pesto Flatbread

Thin Crust Pizza

I had high hopes for this vegan focussed restaurant when having lunch with friends recently. The room is quite funky on two levels with lots of light escaping from the large windows. My friends and I sat upstairs and ordered the Pesto Flatbread ($5) for us all to share that was too hard to eat. Since pizzas appeared to be quite popular with 2 tables surrounding us having ordered them, I decided to join them and had the Thin Crust Pizza ($11) with vegan cheese, yam, arugula, cashew on a gluten-free crust that looked good was a fairly good size for the price, though was quite bland in taste. Both of my friends had Omelettes ($7) with various fillings that again were of a good size and lacking in flavour. The music was blaring too loud for our liking, this was a restaurant not a nightclub, and it shouldn’t have taken us three requests to have the server turn down the music alas it did.

Review By: Richard Wolak

Breakfast at Rocky Mtn Flatbread

Suzanne Fielden -Co-Owner Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Do you love eating pizza for breakfast ? Now you don`t have to feel guilty, you can start your day right with a selection of breakfast pizzas topped with scrambled eggs, steak, wild boar bacon, chocolate and bananas.

Executive Chef Oliver Zulauf - Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Rocky Mountain Flatbread co is a progressively minded pizzeria featuring all-natural, handcrafted cuisine, an idea was born recently when they had a thought of making scrambled eggs for breakfast, and since they are a pizzeria why not top the pizzas with scrambled eggs, wild boar bacon, steak or shrimp, heck they ended up going the full gamut and besides pizzas they are making omelettes, yukon gold potatoes, fruit, granola, muffins and fresh squeezed juices too!

I was in for breakfast recently and tasted a slew of great pizzas, omelets, potatoes, muffins and fresh juice! Here are a few selections of their tasty breakfast treats:

Rocky Mountain Flatbread is now open for breakfast during the weekdays beginning at 8:15am and 9am on weekends. They are located in Kitsilano at 1876 West 1st Avenue and online at

By: Richard Wolak

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