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My Favourite Pizza Pies in Vancouver

It is no secret that pizza is one of my favourite foods, there are many pizzerias that I like around the city. Here is my list of my favourite Pizzas around the city. Note: These are not in any ranking…


UPDATED 7/30/14 BUSINESS HAS CLOSED 1701 Powell Street, Vancouver Tel: 604-568-3877 Web: http://www.eatdrinkperch.com/index.html Twitter: @eatatperch Advice: Play Bengo on Thursday nights, it’s like Bingo but named after Ben so it’s Bengo. I had high hopes for this vegan focussed restaurant…

Breakfast at Rocky Mtn Flatbread

Do you love eating pizza for breakfast ? Now you don`t have to feel guilty, you can start your day right with a selection of breakfast pizzas topped with scrambled eggs, steak, wild boar bacon, chocolate and bananas. Rocky Mountain…

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