808 Bute St, Vancouver

Tel: (236) 865-8166


Twitter: @blossomdimsum

Instagram: @blossomdimsum

Advice:  Reservations suggested, walkins welcome.

Specializing in East meets West Asian cuisine, the restaurant celebrates the food and drink of these cultures with Chef Derek Bothwell overseeing 3 kitchens that serve up Chinese Dim Sum, Sushi along with a Westcoast menu of dishes. The restaurant boasts a few different distinct areas from the main dining room, to the bar area to the outside patio.

Hot and Sour Soup Dumplings

Spicy Beef with Chili

Lobster Dumplings

Skinny Garlic Prawn Spring Roll


Chinese Squid Ink Bao

Wild Mushroom Dumplings

Risotto Lotus Wrap

Over a few visits I have tried much of the menu and really enjoy the showcase of each of the different cuisines as they meld so well together. The Hot and Sour Soup Dumplings were not only colourful but they were also delicious. The Spicy Beef with Chili was a unique dish as was the Lobster Dumplings. The Skinny Garlic Prawn Spring Roll was a fun take on a spring roll. The Hargow (beetroot prawn dumpling) was good with the Beetroot in the wrapper, other popular favourites included the Chinese Squid Ink Bao with Peking duck and Wild mushroom Dumplings. One of their newest Dim Sum dishes was the delicious Risotto Lotus Wrap with chanterelle mushroom, chicken and black truffle.

Yuzu Sake

With an extensive wine and sake selection they also offer cocktails and more, my friend and I enjoyed the refreshing Yuzu Sake. 

Sushi Balls

The sushi bar offered up some delicious dishes as well which included the Saba Oshi, Mackerel Pressed Sushi Rice, House Made Shiso Pistachios Pesto and Salmon Oshi, Sockeye salmon pressed sushi rice, house made mayo, jalepeno. One of their newest dishes is the Sushi Balls which features a selection of different fish such as the bbq eel, and salmon.

Seared Sablefish

West Lake Style Sweet & Sour Steelhead

Char Siu Octopus Salad

Beef Short Rib

Wok Fried Broccoli

From the Western kitchen, the Bison Rib-eye steak, potato pave, house made steak sauce was outstanding as was the Seared Sablefish, rice cake, baby bok choy, mushroom, ponzu. One of their newest creations is their outstanding Char Siu Octopus Salad, perfectly cooked octopus, served over a very good fried rice with a kale salad on top to balance the dish and it does so well.

Other standouts included the West Lake Style Sweet & Sour Steelhead, Beef Short Rib done in a root beer sauce and the Wok Fried Broccoli which was a large serving perfect for sharing.

Mango Pomelo Soup Cheescake

Mango Pomelo Soup Cheescake

I have only tried one of their desserts so far, which was the Mango Pomelo Soup Cheescake, a delicious creation.

Take your foodie friends, and truly enjoy the wonderful food, and experience of this gem.

Review by: Richard Wolak