2240 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 564-1128

Web: http://www.77kfreeze.ca

Twitter: @77kfreeze

Instagram @77kfreeze

Advice: Counter service.

This Nitro ice cream spot steps it up a notch by not only offering a variety of bases such as ice cream, yogurt and plant based offerings, they also have the ability to offer liquor nitro desserts.

Here you start by simply choosing your “freeze base”. Pick from a selection of fresh cream (sorbetto, coconut milk), fresh milk (vegan, soya), and real yogurt (rice, almond). The next step is picking your flavour and you can get pretty creative here, there are a lot of different ingredients to choose from. You could also select your sweetener and it’s level of sweetness , plus a garnish. Nightly after 7 pm, you can get in on some fun with 77k’s cocktail liquid nitrogen creations which is part of a “Dark Matters” menu.

Chocolate Nitro Ice cream

Grahams Special Coffee Nitro Ice Cream


I tried several different bases and flavours, my favourites were the Chocolate Nitro Ice cream, plant based made with half coconut milk and half Almond milk not only was this delicious, it has less calories and fat and was lighter than my usual similar made with dairy!; followed by Grahams Special Coffee Nitro Ice Cream made with locally roasted coffee and full dairy cream. I also tried the Snowflake –Lychee and Water Chestnuts Frozen Yogurt; and the Go Green made with coconut milk, it was plantbased with kale and spinach.

I am looking forward to returning soon to try their variety of Dutch baked goods such as Poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes) and Stroopwafels (Dutch waffles), they also have coffee, espresso, tea, and the option to make a freeze float with soda or a liquid nitrogen freeze affogato.

Review by: Richard Wolak