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433 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 379-9986


Twitter: @UYUIcecream

Advice: Open daily 12 noon – 10pm.

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Here it is all about making the best organic soft serve ice cream around, owned by Kevin Lee and partners, this soft serve ice cream shop has a hint of Korean in the mix, as the name UYU means milk in Korean. I have always loved soft serve ice cream and for me it has to taste good and this one is a true winner in my books, creamy, not too sweet and has the yum factor.

uyu 3

I had a delicious combo of the Original Soft Serve Ice Cream topped with dark chocolate almond bark and the Vietnamese Coffee Soft Serve Ice Cream topped with dried raspberries side by side, served in a bio-degradable container. They offer a variety of toppings from freeze-dried oranges, to black sesame powder to the dark chocolate almond bark that I had. You can get the soft serve on a cone or in a cup, and one thing that makes them stand apart from other shops is that they also offer a free squeeze of one of their drizzle sauces which include honey, caramel, blackcurrant, passionfruit and raspberry as an option on your soft serve cup.

At any given time you will find 4 flavours of soft serve available, along with the original look for 3 different rotating and changing flavours making you want to visit often and I am looking forward to trying more flavours and more visits.

Review by: Richard Wolak