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At UBC Farmers Market & other locations


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Owned by Chris and John, they have created a one of a kind food truck/cart where they make their pizzas in a converted oil drum wood fired pizza oven. The menu is fairly simple offering up a few different pizzas each week, mostly topped with local seasonal vegetables as well as other locally produced items. It is simple yet it is complicated due to the type of oven they are using to bake these wonderful pizzas. I’ve tried these pizzas at various spots around over the past couple of years, often partaking in the annual Feast of Fields.

UBC Farm Veg Pizza

UBC Farm Veg Pizza

Hazelnut Butter Pizza

Hazelnut Butter Pizza

This time around I indulged in a couple of their delicious pizzas at the UBC Farmers Market. I had the UBC Farm Veg Pizza ($10) made with locally grown vegetables from the UBC Farm. I also had their outstanding Hazelnut Butter Pizza ($10) topped with locally grown hazelnuts and Vista d’oro farms craft beer jam, it was superb.

This is one of those food carts you are going to want to seek out, so find out where they are, and go for lunch. You can also book them for your own backyard pizza party.

Review by: Richard Wolak