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577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

Tel: 604-828-5282


Twitter: @momentocoffee

Advice: Check out the private space upstairs for meetings. You’ll want to sit upstairs at the long table.

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Taking creativity to the next level, their newest café is the star of the new multi-university campus at Great Northern Way. From the colourful sign out front to the colourful numbers on the menu board inside to the cool seating inside the 2 level café, this is a place that has been well thought out. The owners built out most of the café on their own including the beautiful hand made hard wood floors and wood panel walls finished with 100 year old barn wood, everything has a story including the lighting. There are 3 community tables one that is a 10 ft section of a bowling alley converted to a table underpinned with turn of the century radiators, and a 32 foot mezzanine counter facing south.

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso Macchiato

Then comes the coffee, the full on espresso bar features Bows & Arrows Handcrafted coffee, along with the espresso beverage line-up that you know there is also a Flat White and Long Black. You will also find their Pour Over, French Press as well as their popular Louisiana Ice Coffee. The café menu is filled with great eats as well including Empanadas from The Patty Shop, sandwiches, scones, cookies and more. I had my usual Espresso Macchiato, here it was served in a cool short mason glass jar, presentation goes along way and they get it.

Bring your laptop, write a book, or gather your thoughts, and enjoy your East Van Momento experience.

Review by: Richard Wolak