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1741 Robson Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-428-1014


Twitter: @SPAGHeTEI_Van

Advice: Reservations suggested, walk-in welcome you may have to wait.

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Serving authentic Japanese style spaghetti, this takes the popular noodle and Italian mainstay to another level and I truly enjoyed it. The company was founded in Japan in 1975, opening in Vancouver a couple of years ago and has been a hit ever since. All of the dishes here are made with Japanese ingredients and their some interesting dishes, I’d suggest looking at the menu online first along with the photos guide you in your decision.

Miso Garlic Bread

Miso Garlic Bread

Yakiniku Chaliapin

Yakiniku Chaliapin

A slice of Miso Garlic Bread arrives before the spaghetti dish and it’s fairly small, I would suggest ordering a basket of this delicious bread which isn’t on the menu you just need to ask. I had the small order of the delicious Yakiniku Chaliapin ($13) with beef slices, garlic, tomatoes, and green onions. You will find an array of interesting dishes to choose, if dining with friends get a few and share. They offer the regular size and a smaller size which is $1 less for most of the dishes.

They have a small wine and beer selection as well as a Takara Plum Wine and sake.

Review by: Richard Wolak