sweetie pink 1

150 – 8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

Tel: (604) 214-9891

Web: http://www.sweetiepinkdessert.com/

Twitter: @sweetiepinkd

Advice: Min $5 per person, cash only.

Matcha Macau Pudding

Matcha Macau Pudding

Mango, Red Bean and Matcha Parfait

Mango, Red Bean and Matcha Parfait

In many cities around the world there are dessert emporiums, lounges and other sorts of places that specialize in sweet indulgences. In our culinary driven city the sweet side has often been amiss amongst the offerings. With our strong Asian culture one doesn’t have to go too far to find Asian focussed desserts. Last night my friend and fellow writer Louisa Chan joined me to share and experience some of these wonderous desserts in Richmond. Somewhat hidden in a strip mall is a pink walled dessert house with a menu that is filled with many different types of desserts from parfaits to puddings to glutinous rice balls to stews to deep fried ice cream with all sorts of Asian toppings. It is Hong Kong style, and it’s quite a treat to go with a friend or loved one and share some desserts. We had the delicious Matcha Macau Pudding ($4.95) along with the Mango, Red Bean and Matcha Parfait ($5.95) that was filled with scoops of vanilla and matcha green tea ice cream, mango pieces, red beans, whipped cream and cookie sticks.

The menu is vast you can also find a selection of thick toasts such as their Condensed Milk Toast, Macau Cheesecakes with their variations, stewed desserts, assortment of crème brulees such as their Matcha Crème Brulee which I must try on my next visit as well as many more interesting desserts.

Review by: Richard Wolak