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620 Quebec Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-563-1700


Twitter: @pazzochow

Advice: Limited seating. Closed Monday.

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When you are passionate about creating food for the people, you do what Maya Sciarretta did, awhile back she founded Sugo Sauce, making her own brand of pasta sauce. She then opened this little Italian eatery/deli to go one step further serving dishes made with her sauce and other Italian delicacies. The eatery is tiny with only 6 seats inside and a few outside, the space is well layed out, shelves packed with a selection of dried pasta brands that are unique to her store. Each day she features two main dishes of which she posts on their Instagram for everyone to see.

Spaghetti Classico with Caesar salad

Spaghetti Classico with Caesar salad

I had the Spaghetti Classico with Caesar salad made with their own tomato sauce, so good! The menu board does feature a few other items, as well as the line-up of another local purveyor Brown Paper Packages Ice Cream which is owned by Ashley Watson who has created a small-batch, artisanal ice cream company, offering a selection of traditional Italian scoops, pints, and quarts.

Make sure you follow the store on Instagram for the exciting daily dishes!

Review by: Richard Wolak

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