kobob 1

1019 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-569-3939

Web: https://www.facebook.com/kobob.burger

Twitter: @KobobBurger

Advice: Use the chopsticks to eat the burgers.

kobob 2

There are burger joints then there are burger joints which are unique and different, in this case had you lived in Korea this may be a staple, here it is a welcome savoury indulgence. Owned by husband and wife, Colin Park and Connie Mun they specialize in rice burgers, amongst other Korean specialities. All their meats are from local producers, they make their own kimchi and pride themselves on fresh, local with great prices.

BUlgogi Korean Rice Burger

BUlgogi Korean Rice Burger

BUlgogi Korean Rice Burger

BUlgogi Korean Rice Burger

I had their house speciality, BUlgogi Korean Rice Burger ($6) made with Korean medium grain rice shaped into ‘buns’ then filled with marinated pork, lettuce and corn and wrapped up, it was a delicious burger.  They offer a variety of different “Korean” rice burgers including Spicy Pork, Spicy Chicken, with additional optional toppings such as Kimchi for only $ .50 extra. You will also find other specialities including Bibimbob as well as their Korean Seafood Pancakes. This is a gem to visit often, hop on the skytrain from downtown and you will be there in minutes!

Review by: Richard Wolak