basho 1


2007 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-428-6276


Twitter: @BashoCafe

Advice: closed Monday and Tuesday.

basho 2

I love cafes that mix the owners heritage which in this case is Japanese. On the edge of East Village this family-run cafe is headed by Hiroshi and Miju Kawai, and their daughter, Moeno who have created a cozy paradise. The star of the warmly decorated 16 seat room is the communal table for customers to share. The family welcomes everyone to their place “Basho” where they have made most of the furniture and pottery themselves.

Tray of snacks

Tray of snacks

I visited over the weekend for some afternoon snacks, served to me on a tray, each snack which I had ordered individually was delightful. My favourite was the delicious and moist Matcha White Chocolate Brownie ($2), I also had a Matcha Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.75) and a Gomai Miso Cookie ($ .50) to go along with the Espresso Macchiato ($3) made with hand-picked, organic coffee beans from Handworks Coffee Studio.

The menu offers the usual espresso beverages as well as a large assortment of house-baked Japanese inspired treats, most are miniature in size which are similar in size to what you would find in Japan. You will also find some unique dishes for lunching such as the Tuna Tataki which I can’t wait to try on my next visit.

Review by: Richard Wolak