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3240 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-876-5400

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Advice: Free sparkling water on tap. No reservations.

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I have had my eye on this spot for weeks before it opened, with a clever name for a pizzeria I knew that thought had gone into plans for this eatery. It’s not often that I visit a restaurant on the first day as I pretty much have a rule against it, I did just that last week and returned again this past weekend to try more. With Jazz music playing in the background, dark wooden benches running the parameter of the room, white walls and ceilings; this eatery is all about amazing pizza pies and espresso beverages.

Potato Mash Pizza

Potato Mash Pizza

On my first visit I had the outstanding Potato Mash Pizza ($15) topped with russet potato mash, béchamel, marscapone, red onion, braised kale and roasted garlic, I ordered a whole pizza pie which was heavenly, hence my having to return within days. This pizza was full of goodness both from the mix of flavours in the toppings as well as they very good crust.

Pesto Ricotta and the Salami (slices)

Pesto Ricotta and the Salami (slices)

On my second visit I opted for a couple of slices as I wanted to try more, this time I had the Pesto Ricotta ($3 slice) and the Salami ($3 slice).

They offer whole pizza pies to eat in or takeout or pizza by the slice. I have had both and getting the whole pizza pie is preferred as its made to order rather than going the slice route, unless those slices are Piping hot right out of the oven. The pizza kitchen is open and you can join in the conversation with the guys and gals making your pizza.

You will also find a small selection of salads, dessert as well as driftwood beer on tap too!

Review by: Richard Wolak