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3080 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel:  (604) 872-0195


Twitter: @lastcrumbcafe

Advice: Watch the board for daily specials.

 Sconewich Picnic

Sconewich Picnic

Black Forest Cookie Sandwich

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich & Black Forest Cookie Sandwich

As you enter the large room with it’s high ceilings, two leveled seating area with spacious tables, it’s the pastry case that tempts you from the get go. I’ve visited on a couple occasions and each time found that I was tempted with the nostalgic treats such as the cookie sandwiches and the large cakes. Last week I decided to treat myself to an indoor picnic, I am sure I am not the only one that thought this to be a clever idea. I had the Sconewich Picnic ($12) with the Chicken Pesto on the Cheddar Scallion Scone along with Ginger Cookie and Pellegrino water. With each Sconewich Picnic you can choose from any of their sandwiches, cookies/bars and any San Pellegrino drink on offer for my picnic lunch, they even had a picnic table in the café of which I sat at to fulfill the experience. Previously I have tried a couple of their popular Cookie Sandwiches that are sandwiched with a delicious filling. You will also find a selection of sandwiches, salads, pot pies, cookies, cookie sandwiches, cakes, scones along with a line-up of beverages. I was eyeing the High Tea that runs for $24.95 and look forward to indulging in this High Tea experience soon.

Review by: Richard Wolak