Burrard Street & Dunsmuir, Vancouver

Tel: 604-253-3474


Twitter: @DCParkside

Advice: Monday to Saturday lunch. Follow them on twitter for updated opening times.

Fish Tacos

Halibut & Chips

This bright blue food truck is a spin-off of their popular sustainable 100% Ocean Wise fresh seafood shop, the Daily Catch located on the drive, and they are known to have some of the best and freshest fish around. The menu on the truck is fairly simple and the star attraction is the Fish & Chips, you can choose from cod, salmon or halibut and you can select 1 piece, 2 piece or add on an extra piece and more fries if that is your fancy. On my visit I had the Fish Tacos ($8) 2 delish fish tacos with crunch, filled with crispy panko crusted cod, shredded cabbage, tomato salsa, and chipotle aioli in a soft corn tortilla; along with the Halibut & Chips ($13.50) 2 pieces of ale battered halibut, served with fries, coleslaw, tartar and pickle. The chef has created a selection of home-made vinegars and I loved the Rosemary Vinegar the most, make sure you dash some of this on your fries!

Review By: Richard Wolak

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