1130 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604-215-1130


Twitter: @PalkiRestaurant

Advice: Specify the spice (heat) level for the dishes you order. Share dishes with your friends.

Himalaya Blended Shake

I have fond memories of visits to London years ago and eating delish Indian cuisine, of all of the Indian restaurants that I have eaten at locally, Palki comes the closest I have found to the type of Indian cuisine I had savoured in the UK. This is one of those eateries you are going to want to have a friend or two along so that you can order a multitude of dishes just as I did. For me my dining adventure began with their delicious Himalaya Blended Shake with cardamom, pepper, pistachio and mixed nuts.

Onion Bhajia

Fish Pakora

I then had a few appetizers including the Onion Bhajia ($5.95) deep fried battered onion with Indian paprika which I loved along with the Fish Pakora ($8.50) another deep fried dish of Cod fish coated with batter with a delicious mint and tamarind chutney.

Kashmiri Naan

Coconut Naan

I then had an order of the outstanding Kashmiri Naan ($4) stuffed bread with dry fruit and I could have had at least another order just for me, it was that good. I also had an order of the Coconut Naan ($4) which I found to be dry for my tastes.

Prawn Coconut Curry

Chicken and Cashew Onion Curry

Saag Paneer

Navrattan Korma

Garlic Naan

Brown Rice

Next was the delicious Prawn Coconut Curry ($14.50) a unique combination of coriander and coconut curry that is full of flavour, my favourite dish of the night. My 2nd favourite dish was the Chicken and Cashew Onion Curry ($13.50) so good. The other main dishes that I had were the Saag Paneer ($11.50) Pureed spinach and paneer cooked with freshly ground spices along with the delish Navrattan Korma ($11.95) Vegetables cooked in a tangy tomato and cream sauce and mildly spiced. Added an order of the tasty Garlic Naan ($3) Indian style garlic and basil bread along with an order of Brown Rice that went well with the curries.

Mango Kulfi

To finish this fine meal, I had the house specialty delish Mango Kulfiwith Mango, Cardamom, pistachio. The menu is vast with many different traditional dishes, they have notations for dairy and gluten free which is helpful for diners looking for these options. I have been craving the Kashmiri Naan for days since my last visit and I am looking forward to my next visit to taste more dishes.

Review by: Richard Wolak