433 Dunlevy, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 569-0454

Web: http://www.dunlevysnackbar.com/

Twitter: @DunlevySnackbar

Advice: Not open in the evenings yet.

As you peak in the window you get a sense of a place that has character, there is a look and feel of a nouveau cafeteria. Last Sunday some of my close friends joined me for one of our Breakfast Club adventures in to Chinatown, for Alejandro Escobell, Alexei Schwartzman, Jason Sanders and I this was our first time in for Brunch.

Italian STRATA

It’s the coolest place with a very simple menu, the special of the day that Jason and I had, was the delicious Italian STRATA, layers of egg, cheese, peppers, leeks, sour dough, cream, baked and topped with strips of bacon, served with potatoes and salad. Alexei had a version of the special without the bacon which was topped with smoked tofu; and Alejandro had the baked eggs which he loved as well.


I have visited a couple of times previously for an espresso, and each time gazing at the dishes that everyone was enjoying. Brunch was in order last weekend and we are all looking forward to brunching there again as soon as we are all able to get together. We hear that dinner and late night eats will be on offer in a few months and that there may be a Latin American twist with a little bit of French thrown into the mix. My friends and I can’t wait to have dinner here in this very cool spot on the North Eastern edge of Chinatown!

Review By: Richard Wolak