131 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Tel: 604-770-1717

Web: http://www.elmatadorsocial.com/Menu.html

Twitter: @elMatadorsocial

Advice: Call ahead if you have a large party, share dishes with friends. Open nightly and open late. Located under the Starbucks with the entrance at the rear.

Fried Chickpeas

Salted Almonds with honey

Potted Roquefort and ricotta

Smoked Salmon Devilled Eggs

Specializing in Andalusian Tapas, this little known region of Spain shines bright with flavours of the region. The room is fairly small, dark wood, hand crafted décor and a well thought out menu of tapas and drinks. My friend Ajay Masala Puri joined me to taste our way through the menu, all the dishes are $5 each which makes it easy to order a few or order more and share with friends. To start we shared the Fried ChickpeasSalted Almonds with honey, Potted Roquefort and ricotta and the Smoked Salmon Devilled Eggs from the Cold Tapas selections.

Chorizo Tapa

Patas Bravas

Spicy Shrimp in sherry

Grilled Goats Cheese with salsa fresco

Spicy and Baked Chicken Wings

Tiny Meatballs in sauce

Next round was from the Hot Tapas, starting off with the Chorizo Tapa, Patas Bravas, Spicy Shrimp in sherry, Grilled Goats Cheese with salsa fresco, Spicy and Baked Chicken Wings, and the Tiny Meatballs in sauce.

Rice Pudding with Fig

Bread Pudding with Fig

For dessert, we had both selections, the Rice Pudding with Fig was my favourite of the two, where the Bread Pudding with Fig was Ajay’s favourite of the two.

Review By: Richard Wolak