1271 Homer Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-336-4103


Twitter: @BetweenTwoBuns

Advice: Have a creative twist of a sandwich that you would like to see on their menu, then tweet it to them and tag it #sandwichlab


It’s all about the sandwiches, and the fillings are one notch above the last great sandwich you have had. The menu is pretty simple though the names of the sandwiches are far from ordinary, take names such as “The Maniac” which is all about the bacon, or “The Cheeky” which is all about the pork cheeks, or “The Hot Chick” and I know what you are thinking but that one is about a chick pea patty. I have been in a couple times in the past week, the first time I had the “Jerk-it” ($9) with jerk chicken, crispy yam and cream coleslaw. and the second time I had the “Jerk-it” see the trend, this sandwich is so good, and as the saying goes once you find something you like stick with it!

You will also find a selection of sides to choose from such as Spicy Fries, Coleslaw, Poutine and 5 pounds of Poutine, and more! I’d say you are going to get hooked and want to try all the unique sandwich concoctions these guys are coming up with!

Review By: Richard Wolak