1055 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Tel:  604.684.6239


Twitter: @PHAT_Yaletown

Advice: Private room in the sports bar is a hockey lovers paradise. Get the Phat-Size sandwich and take home the other half.

Any of my visits to New York, Montreal or LA, have always resulted in visiting a Jewish deli for a Smoked Meat or a Pastrami sandwich. After a bit of banter over twitter and friends nudging me to get to PHAT in Yaletown, I joined up with Rachel Fox for a Smoked Meat dining adventure. What we discovered was a Smoked Meat paradise in our backyard so to speak, their smoked meat is prepared in Montreal and smoked in their deli in Vancouver and it’s the leanest type of meat which for us West-coasters makes us happy! PHAT has been serving up sandwiches, soups, salads and more for years, about a year ago they expanded doubling in size and adding a sports bar which looks more like a hockey wall or room of fame.

Skinny Matzo Ball Soup

Reuben Sandwich



I had the heart-warming Skinny Matzo Ball Soup ($4.25) which is made with one matzo ball, you can get the Phat size with two matzo balls in a chicken soup broth. Next was the delicious Reuben Sandwich ($11.99 phat size) with smoked meat, served on toasted Marble Rye with Saurkraut & Swiss Cheese along with the best Kosher Dill pickle; I shared the Poutine ($6.50) with phat fries along with the Coleslaw ($2.50) and for a refreshing beverage had a Limonata ($2.60). They have got bagels and bagels with lots of tasty toppings, breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, here you can even get a bagel and a beer!

Review By: Richard Wolak