3488 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-709-8150


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Order a few dishes to share with friends.

Corn Fritters


Coconut Chicken

Located in the heart of Cambie Village, this South Asian neighbourhood eatery serves a delightful array of Indonesian dishes that are full of flavours. To start I had the Corn Fritters ($5.25)  pan-fried corn fritters with a side of their peanut sauce; this followed with some Roti ($2.25) pan-fried flat bread and then their delicious  Coconut Chicken ($12.95)  with tender white chicken with fresh mixed vegetables in coconut sauce. Their menu is filled with a selection of satay skewers, soups, Indonesian small plates, salads, curry & coconut dishes, rice & noodle dishes, seafood, and lots of vegetable dishes.

Review By: Richard Wolak