Win the Ultimate Foodie Experience #VF2YR

5 lucky people will have a chance to dine at one of these wonderful restaurants around Vancouver, you just have to follow the contest details (below) and Describe your ultimate foodie meal either in a restaurant setting or at home!


The Prizes (5 )

The Apron Westin (value is $110)

One – Five Course Tasting menu for Two people

Winner: Matt Cooke

Sutton Place Hotel – Fleuri Restaurant

One lobster, beef and chocolate dinner for 2 (value is $130) excluding alcohol.

Winner: Lynne Robson

American Grille at Vancouver Airport Marriott

One Dinner for Two at the American Grille Restaurant (valued at $150). Valid until July 30, 2012.

Winner: Erin Wilson

EBO Restaurant

One – Five Course Tasting menu for Two people (Value $110)

Winner: Russel Co

Gusto Di Quattro

One gift cert for dinner for 2 (food only) valued at $120 at North Vancouver location only.

Winner: Cameron Williams

The Contest

To enter you must do the following:

1)       All you have to do to enter the Ultimate Tasting Experience is to submit comment below in 25 words or more Describe your ultimate foodie meal either in a restaurant setting or at home!

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Five winners will be randomly selected from all submissions, contest closes at 10pm on July 29th. The prize is valued up to $150.Contest ends Friday  July 29 at 10 pm. Contest is open to Canadian residents and the winner will be drawn at random. Good luck to everyone that enters!

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  • Janna Gabrek (@jannertons)

    To me, the perfect foodie meal would be an at home culinary adventure. I love to experiment in the kitchen at home, and the idea of taking a swing at making my own gourmet tasting menu, coming up with artistic platings, and serving it in a beautifully set dining room would be an incredibly enjoyable challenge!

    Of course I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a beautiful, gourmet tasting menu at a chic downtown restaurant. Especially anything involving small bites of local, sustainable seafood, exotic vegetable medleys and sweet, chocolatey desserts.

  • the ultimate foodie meal would be anything grilled! somthing like a nice grilled salmon, or some beef kebabs. or maybe a nice, lean chicken sandwich with your choice of toppings in a bread bun! you can make them at home or at a picnic. mmm! my email is luckyheels at gmail dot com

  • My ultimate dining experience would include wonderful surroundings, great wine list, a wonderful tasting menu that has several courses and of course a variety of desserts to choose from. 

  • Being a foodie means to try new things. Go outside your comfort zone to experience what you normally wouldn’t do. Bu obviously not too uncomfortable that you wouldn’t enjoy it. I love going to places I’ve heard about. The hype combined with good reviews are the things that I trust. Vancouver is full of places like that. I’ve yet to experience them all but taking it one small step at a time. My ultimate foodie meal would be seafood. Nothing beats fresh seafood. 

  • my ultimate food meal would involve seafood – king crab, lobster, oysters, mussels, prawns, the works on a nice patio by the beach! -Tracy Kwan

  • service silence savor…those are in part the three things that mu ultimate foodie experience is all about…alone in a comfortable room being server succulent foods and savoring every bite. I am not all about loud crowded restaurants…give me a private room any day…I don’t need an explanation of how the food was prepared, just serve it to me on a beautiful plate, I can take it from there…and let me savor it is peace…

  • I think one of my best eating experiences was at an underground restaurant. Small group of friends that really appreciate food. A chef that was passionate about ingredients and preparation. He picked the menu based on what he found at the market that day. Several small courses. Amazing flavours. Really great time.

  • My best dining experience is to enjoy a  meal where everything is locally grown and freshly prepared. I would love to enjoy the food with some BC wines.

  • My greatest foodie meal was definitely at Hawksworth.  The server described each and every item on the menu, and then their sommellier suggested the perfect wine pairings for our dishes.  Even their GM, Chad Clark, stopped by to ensure that everything was well.  All in all, great meal, great experience!

  • My greatest foodie meal was definitely at Hawksworth.  The server described each and every item on the menu, and then their sommellier suggested the perfect wine pairings for our dishes.  Even their GM, Chad Clark, stopped by to ensure that everything was well.  All in all, great meal, great experience!

  • Megan Harris

    My ultimate foodie meal at home is what I’m having right now actually! Various sliced meats and cheeses, roasted veggies and chicken on the BBQ, craft beer and white wine. Sitting outside on our patio, sun shining, and music playing in the background. Can’t get any better than that! 🙂

  • Helen

    My ultimate foodie experience would be a spring mix and arugula salad with papaya drizzled in balsamic dressing, then baked salmon with a cajun dry rub and then a light gelato with fresh fruit.  So easy, but so good to make at home.

  • Bonnie Yee

    I would start off with some fresh baked bread, followed by a healthy mixed green salad, followed by linguine with chicken in pesto cream sauce.  Then I would have a chocolate mousse to end a delicious meal.  

    twitter:  greenurlifenow

  • Ultimate Foodie Meal? Forget that – ultimate foodie day 🙂 Chicago. Classic diner breakfast. Lunch. Chicago dogs at Wrigley. Mid-afternoon. Cupcakes. Dinner. Alinea. Apres. Avec. Apres-apres? One hell of a nap.

    Russ Co / @DailySlif:twitter

  • Jane Putri

    I have a lot of ultimate foodie meal, from the crazy food I made myself by mixing whatever ingredients that I could find and think would go well, stuffing myself at an all u can eat restaurant that i had difficulty walking, eating weird food (e.g. snake, kangaroo, alates (kind of small bug), bees, turtle, etc), to dining out in restaurants and ordering multiple-course meals. i couldn’t really pick one, but perhaps the most ultimate is either ordering 7 course menu at La Quercia for $45 or the bug eating. for the La Quercia, I think $45 for really good & unique 7 courses is worth it, and I was so full after. the bug eating, on the other hand, is a really unique experience because i and my auntie caught the alates ourselves in my hometown, then took off their wings and deep fried them. they were so tasty. i cant believe i did that when i was a kid, probably when i was 7 years old.

  • My ultimate foodie meal would consist of a NFA secret dinner, with all the famous Michelin star chefs of the world. As for food, it must be whatever’s local to the area, however it will almost play 2nd fiddle to the company at hand.

  • Amy chin @NurseChinny

    The best foodie experiences for me usually involve randomly & blindly roaming the streets of South East Asian and letting my sense of smell guide me. Hawker food is the most tasteful and usually made with fresh local ingredients! At home, nothing beats a BBQ. Having friends bring over their favorite dishes makes it even better!!!

  • My favourite foodie meal was at Millenium in San Francisco. It was a wonderful set menu with wine pairings in an all vegetarian restaurant. It inspired me to go out and buy their cookbook, but I haven’t made any of the recipes yet.

  • Anonymous

    My ultimate foodie meal would be at home, i would start with getting fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s markets/granville island – grill up some salmon, ,make some veggie kebabs, put together some sort of deliciously flavoured risotto – oh and can’t forget some BC/Okanagan wine! =)