250 West Pender Street, Vancouver

Tel:  604-443-8352

Web: www.vcc.ca

Twitter: n/a

Advice: Located on the 3rd floor of Vancouver Community College, open Mon –Fri for lunch thru August 15, 2011.

Bannock Bread Basket

My family friend Sylvie joined me for lunch the other day, to begin we were served a complimentary basked of two types of Bannock bread – one fried, soft and tasty and the other baked and sliced.

It was like sitting in an art gallery with Aboriginal art adoring the walls, this setting was the beginning of a wonderful experience. The restaurant is located within the Vancouver Community College campus and is run by the Aboriginal Cultural Arts program lead by Chef Ben Genaille. The culinary students have studied all year and for their final 3 months of the program they operate this wonderful restaurant that further trains them in front of the house, serving, bartending and cooking. The restaurant is a gem and one of a kind in Vancouver, specializing in gourmet Aboriginal cuisine at prices that are at least half of what they would be if dining outside of the school.

Seafood Cake

Duck Salad

To start, Seafood Cake ($4) corn purée, milkweed pod fritters which was then followed by the refreshing Duck Salad ($4), pickled beet roots, apple leather, candied hazelnuts.

Pan Seared Ling Cod

Slow Smoked Bison Brisket

For our mains, we each had the Pan Seared Ling Cod ($11), squash noodles, duck jus, Rosemary pine nut oil as well as the outstanding Slow Smoked Bison Brisket ($11), squash salad, savory bannock bread pudding with a jus made from the bison that delectable.

Bannock Bread Pudding

For dessert we had the delicious Bannock Bread Pudding ($3) with Rosemary ice cream with a raspberry pave, a perfect ending to our meal! You will find well known BC Nk’Mip Cellars wines on the menu!

Review By: Richard Wolak